Welcome to His Abundant Love, a blog spot and forum dedicated to sharing His word, life experiences, prayer, praise, worship, healing and anything else He wants shared.

I guess I should introduce myself and tell you a bit about me. My name is Patricia Rhodes, Patty for short, and I have been a follower of Christ since I was very young. I remember walking to church and many things we did as early as 3-4 years old, I gave my life to him and was baptized at a little Pentecostal church in Mesa, AZ around the age of 5. I have had so many life experiences of the love and power of our heavenly father that no one can ever convince me that he does not exist. I’ve been saved by him more times than I can count, once I gave my life to him he truly has never forsaken me and I truly believe he never will.

My life has been far from “perfect” over the years, I’ve made mistakes, I’ve dealt with illness, pain and heartache, but I always overcome. With the good Lord on my side I know there’s nothing I cannot handle and make it through. During the journey I’ve learned things that I am going to share on this forum that may help others to overcome things like depression and illness. I am not a medical professional in anyway, in fact I’m merely a high school graduate. I have no training in medicine or ministry, I’m merely trying to do what He has put on my heart to do, which is help others. That said, if you read any of the natural remedies on the site, if you are being treated for anything by a doctor I do not recommend changing from your prescribed care to that given in the posts. I am not taking any medications, may see a doctor for diagnosis to know what to pray for and fix naturally if at all possible, and I know there are many medications out there that are dangerous to stop taking if not done right. If you read anything you want to try, if you are on any medications please seek the advice of your physician on the proper way to change treatment methods if at all possible. Certain medications may not be able to be stopped like thyroid hormone, as the body stops producing its own when you take the medication.

I hope you enjoy the posts I write, and meeting others to share stories and asking for prayer on the forums.