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Cure for Depression

This is sort of a mix of a story, message and a healing remedy for depression, anger, rage, fear or any other negative feeling your facing. I had my first major surgery in March, despite my faith I have to admit I was filled with one of the biggest sins I’m sure everyone commits at one time or another, fear. I tried to fight it, deny it, hide it, but it was still there right up to the point of them giving me the meds that worked very well, thank the good Lord. I don’t like taking medications of any kind if I can help it, and the good Lord has helped me overcome quite a bit without any, but for something like a major surgery I didn’t really have a choice. I have had bad reactions to so many that I didn’t know what something new was going to do to me, so all I could do was pray and leave the outcome in God’s hands. Despite “giving it to God” I still couldn’t overcome the fear, the closer it got to the day of surgery the more fear I was battling. The surgery was actually a breeze, everyone was surprised at how well I was doing afterward and of my lack of need for strong pain meds, no narcotics for me, thank you Jesus! Following surgery I went through a few months of torture and torment of pain, sickness, depression, anger and rage. I was on a downward spiral I never thought I would get out of, at one point I even got mad at God. I tried turning toward natural supplements to try to take control of the depression, anger and rage attacks, only to have them make me unable to function. Then I had a breakthrough after talking to a good friend at the dinner table one evening, instead of being angry with God, I turned to him. Before my surgery I was on a roller coaster ride in my soul, tormented and torn by what someone had told me that I didn’t agree with but couldn’t get confirmation until that evening at the dinner table. Receiving that confirmation brought peace and harmony back to my soul and I knew then what I had to do, turn back to the one who’s always been there for me since childhood. This is the message I was given when I asked God to help me overcome all the battles I was fighting for 4 months following my surgery.

Fear is one of the “gateway drugs” satin uses to attack us, once we let the fear set in it gives him the open door he needs to attack and torment us. The fear I had before surgery allowed him to sneak in and take control, leading to the pain, return of illness I had already overcome once, depression, anger and rage attacks. What is the cure for fear? God! Give everything to me says the Lord, let me worry about your health, your finances, your relationships, anything you may be worried about. Truly and completely let it go, give it to him and it will set you so free and give you so much peace. With fear out of the way lets work on the depression. Know what the cure is for depression? Happiness and love. If we are filled with happiness, joy, peace and love there is no room left for depression. There are many things that can trigger depression, anger and rage such as a bad relationship, a job you hate, loneliness, loss of a loved one, the list goes on and on and on. If in an abusive relationship pray about what he wants you to do, while marriage is meant to be until death do us part, sometimes we don’t make the right choices of who we are with. For the times when we take the wrong path and choose who we want instead of who God has meant for us we do have the option of getting out. While he meant for marriage to last a lifetime he does not want to see us live with torment, fear, abuse, neglect and adultery. He created divorce as a way out of the wrong relationships we get ourselves into, which I’ve been through twice myself before finding my lifelong soulmate God had for me. As far as jobs go, I’ve always said if you don’t like what you’re doing there’s no sense doing it. If you’re stuck in a job that when it’s time to get ready to go to work makes you say, “Do I gotta go”, you’re doing the wrong job. Above all else, if you’re feeling any negative feelings, if you’re not completely filled with happiness, joy, hope, love and peace you need God. Jesus has an amazing ability to turn all of your sorrow and sadness into joy and happiness, often without any explanation as to what changed you. What does it is him changing your heart, filling it with the living water that hopefully will overflow and spill out to those around you, in turn changing them.

There’s no “magic pill” that can make you happy, no liquid in bottle that’ll bring you pure joy. All the medications they prescribe for depression do is dull the pain, make you numb to the pain you feel which can also take away the joy you should have. By all means, I’m not saying if you’re on any medication for depression to stop taking it, that can be very dangerous if not done right. But if you’re battling with depression, anger, rage, homicidal or suicidal thoughts or any other negative feelings and aren’t taking any medication, before you decide to take them pray. Ask Jesus to come into your heart, to take away all the bad and overflow it with His love and joy. He has the ability to heal your heart and soul so you’ll never feel those bad things again, and he’ll remove the pain without making you numb. You have nothing to lose turning to Jesus, but a whole lot to gain.